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Indian Geography

What is Geography?

Geography is a part of science which deals with the study of the Universe, Planets, Earth, lands, structure of the earth, the size of the country, atmosphere, human society, etc.

Who is the father of Geography?

Greek mathematician Eratosthenes of Cyrene is treated as the father of Geography. The term Geography found from the Greek word Geographia which means Earth Writing.

Branches of Geography

Basically, we consider there are four branches of Geography

  1. Human Geography
  2. Physical Geography
  3. Integrated Geography
  4. Regional Geography

Why Should we study Geography?

We need to study Geography

  1. To understand the universe in a better manner.
  2. To learn briefly about the planets and satellite of planets
  3. To learn more about the Sun and Solar system
  4. To know the location, rotation, and revolution of the earth and all other planets
  5. To study the physical structure of the earth and the interior of the earth
  6. To gain knowledge of the world map and country map.
  7. To know the structure of the ocean, rivers, and mountains
  8. To gain ideas about our earth’s atmosphere, cyclone, and climate
  9. To understand global interdependence.
  10. To calculate the population of a country.

What you will get from Indian Geography?

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mountains of india

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Rotation and Revolution of Earth

revolution of Earth

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The Solar System and Sun

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The Universe and Big Bang Theory

The Universe and Big Bang Theory

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