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The Revolt of 1857

The Revolt of 1857

The revolt of 1857   The Revolt of 1857 is a very important landmark within the history of Asian country that occurred throughout the governor-generalship of Lord Canning. British rule in India on its military might and as long as the British in India was invincible, British rule was assured. This, of course, relied on the […]

The Mughal Empire of India


The Mughal Empire of India ​ The Mughal era is the historic period of the Mughal Empire in India, it ran from the early sixteenth century to a point in the early eighteenth century when the Mughal Empire of India power had dwindled. It ended in several generations of conflicts between rival warlords. During the […]

Mountains of India

mountains of india

India is fully covered with mountains. Mountains protects India from the enemies and also the mountains controls the weather of India. Now learn here details about the Mountains of India The Mountains of India Mountains of India come under the second order of relief features. This is a portion of land surface rising considerably above […]

Indus Valley Civilization

indus valley civilization

Indus Valley Civilization was the most important and very powerful Civilization. It was established near the Indus (Sindhu) river. Ancient Civilization in India  The Indus valley civilization was an ancient civilization thriving along the Indus River and the Ghaggar-Hakra River in what is now Pakistan and north-western India. Among other names for this civilization is […]

Rotation and Revolution of Earth

revolution of Earth

What is the difference between Rotation and Revolution of earth? How many times the earth takes to revolve around the Sun? Your all doubt will be cleared in this post.  The Earth’s Movement The Earth moves in space in two distinct ways Rotation and Revolution. It rotates on its own axis from West to East […]

The Solar System and the Sun

The Solar System and Sun

The Solar System and the Sun: Looking for the Solar system GK. Do you want to study the basic information about the Sun? Here are the post about the Solar System and the Sun. Our Solar System The solar system comprises the sun 8 planets, their Satellites, and other non-stellar objects, which are believed to […]

The Universe and Big Bang Theory

The Universe and Big Bang Theory

The Universe: Are you looking for Geography GK of the universe chapter. Here we have published the universe Gk with Big Bang Theory and Dopler effect. Welcome all of you to the Universe, chapter of Geography GK. In this chapter, we will discuss the Universe, Doppler effect, Big Bang theory of the universe, Galaxies, Local […]