Today Current Affairs 22 August 2019

22 August Current Affairs: You may be suffering in current affairs in every competitive Examinations. Here we have published 22 August 2019 current affairs.

22 August current Affairs

Q. When International Day commemorating is celebrated?

(A) 22 August

(B) 7 August

(C) 6 August

(D) 8 August

Answer: (A) 22 August

Q. Who is the president of Zambia?

(A) Edgar Chagwa Lungu

(B) Chishimba Kambwili

(C) Hakainde Hichilema

(D) Kenneth Kaunda

Answer: (A) Edgar Chagwa Lungu

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Q. What is the first Asian swimmer who has crossed the Catalina Channel of America?

(A) Anju Rajput

(B) Satendra Singh Lohia

(C) Virdhawal Khade

(D) Sajan Prakash

Answer: (B) Satendra Singh Lohia

Q. When the 9th session of India-Kenya JTC held?

(A) 9th and 10th August

(B) 19th and 20th August

(C) 21st aand 22nd August

(D) 18th and 19th August

Answer: (B) 19th and 20th August

Q. What is the full form of MMR?

(A) Mobile Metalic Ramp

(B) Multi media RAM

(C) Multi Mobile RAM

(D) None of These

Answer: (A) Mobile Metalic Ramp

Q. Wipro partnered with which company for 5G technology in India?

(A) Google

(B) Amazon

(C) IISc

(D) Xiaomi

Answer: ((C) IISc

Q. Who are  the winner of National Sports Awards 2019?

(A) Bajrang Punia

(B) Deepa Malik

(C) Only A

(D) Only B

(E) Both A and  B

Answer: (E) Bajrang Punia and Deepa Mallik are the winner of National sports Award

Q. What is the name of National Sports Awards?

(A) Indira Gandhi Sports Awards

(B) Rajiv Gandhi Sports Awards

(C) Atala Sports Awards

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Rajiv Gandhi Sports Awards

Q. Which IIT is the winner of start-up awards?

(A) IIT Madras

(B) IIT Delhi

(C) IIT Bhubaneswar

(D) IIT Patna

Answer: (B) IIT Delhi


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