Today Current Affairs 21 August 2019

Current Affairs 21 August 2019: Dear all now the Current affairs of 21 August 2019 has been posted along with the most trending news affairs. Below we have posted the details.

Current affairs 21 August 2019

S. Jaishankar visit to Bangladesh

S jaishankar at bangladesh Current affairs

  • External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar is on 2 days visit to Bangladesh.
  • This is his first visit to Bangladesh
  • He will attend a meeting at Dhaka and will meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (Prime Minister of Bangladesh)

Chandrayaan-2 enters lunar orbit

  • India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft successfully entered into lunar orbit.
  • Chandrayaan-2 was launched on the 22nd of July, 2019. from Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
  • Chandrayaan-2 will make a soft landing on 7th of September 2019.
  • PM Modi Congratulated ISRO Scientist by tweeting

Donald Trupm talk to Modi

  • USA Prime minister Donald Trump had a telephonic talk with Prime Minister Naredra Modi yesterday.
  • They both talked for half an hour about bi-lateral issues and Jammu and Kashmir.

P Chidambaram Faces Arrest

  • The Delhi High Court rejected P Chidambaram’s bail in INX Media case.
  • P Chidambaram was the former finance minister of India.
  • In 2007, INX Media Company got 350 crore foreign investments illegally.
  • INX Media Chairman was the son of P Chidambaram.
  • In 2018 CBI found the involvement of P Chidambaram in this case and filed a case against him.

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Single-Use Plastics are banned in Parliament

  • Single-Use Plastics are banned inside the Parliament campus.
  • On the eve of Independence Day Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed people not to use Plastics in their daily life.
  • To implement this first step is taken to ban Single-Use Plastics inside Parliament.

21 August 2019 Current Affairs Questions

Q. In which city world youth Chess meet will happen?

(A) Delhi

(B) Washington

(C) Mumbai

(D) London

Answer: (C) Mumbai

  •  World Youth Chess Meet will be hosted in Mumbai from 1 to 13 September.

Q. Mohammad Zahur Hashim was associated with____?

(A) Politics

(B) Song

(C) Sports

(D) Scientist

Answer: (B) Song

  •  Mohammad Zahur Hashim was a famous Music director.
  • He worked in the Movie Trishula, Solar etc.

Q. Who is the writer of “The Hanging of Afzal Guru”?

(A) Arundhati Roy

(B) K Natwar Singh

(C) Fatima Bhutto

(D) Amish Tripathi

Answer: (A) Arundhati Roy

  • This book is based on Indian Parliament was attacked by a few heavily armed men.

Q. Who is in the second position of ICC test ranking in the new updated list?

(A) Virat Kohli

(B) Steve Smith

(C) Rohit Sharma

(D) Joe Root

Answer: (B) Steve Smith

  • In the new updated list of ICC test Ranking Australian player Steve Smith is in second position and Virat is in First position.

Q. Who is the new CEO of Vodafone Idea?

(A) Balesh Sharma

(B) Ravinder Takkar

(C) Rahul Saha

(D) Dinesh Singh

Answer: (B) Ravinder Takkar

Q. Who is the new Commissioner of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack police?

(A) Balesh Sharma

(B) Ravinder Takkar

(C) Sudhanshu Sarangi

(D) Satyajit Mohanty

Answer: (C) Sudhanshu Sarangi

  • Sudhanshu Sarangi is the new Commissioner of Police of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack .
  • He replaced Satyajit Mohanty
  • Sudhanshu Sarangi a IPS officer of 1990 batch.

Q. Who is the new CEO of Nxtra Data?

(A) Balesh Sharma

(B) Ravinder Takkar

(C) Sudhanshu Sarangi

(D) Rajesh Tapadia

Answer: (D) Rajesh Tapadia

  • Nxtra Data is a part of Bharati Airtel Lmtd.
  • He is the CEO of Cloud and Data centre.

Q. When world Senior Citizens Day is celebrated?

(A) 21 August

(B) 20 August

(C) 19 August

(D) 18 August

Answer: (A) 21 August

Q. The Chief Minister of which state launched the School Fagadaba scheme in Auust 2019 ?

(A) Mizoram

(B) Manipur

(C) Odisha

(D) Jharkhand

Answer: (B) Manipur

Q. What is the full form of NPCI ?

(A) National Payment Corporation of India

(B) National Payment Corporation Industry

(C) National Pension Corporation of India

(D) National Payment Corporation Instrument

Answer: (A) National Payment Corporation of India

21 August History

  1.  In 1842 Hobart, Tasmania city was founded.
  2. In 1888 adding machine was invented by  William Seward (USA)

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