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Addition and Subtraction from Basic Mathematics

Addition and Subtraction: Today I am going to tell you the core concept of Addition and Subtraction in Math. After reading this post you will never fail in any Addition or Subtraction Problems.

Addition and Subtraction​

Mathematics is the important and essential education for everyone. If you want to be good in Mathematics then it is mandatory for you to be best in Addition and Subtraction.

What is Addition and Subtraction?​

Addition and Subtraction are two arithmetic process which are being used for thousands of decades. The addition is a process of combining two or more numbers. Subtraction is the process of isolating two or more numbers.

Previous days people were using sticks and stones for Counting, Addition, and Subtraction. But nowadays we people are using the Number System for counting.

Modern Days Procedure​

In modern-day mathematics, we are using 10 numbers for our Counting. These are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Each number having an increasing weightage respectively.

Let us first Understand the concept of Addition.

Assume that you have two balls in your hand.

Total Ball = 3
I Gave1 ball
I Gave1 ball
Your Two Ball
Total Ball = 3


I gave you one more ball.

Your total Number of ball = 3

How you got 3 ball?

You just added your two ball with my one ball.

We can represent this as: 2 ball + 1 ball = 3 ball

As you can see we used (+) sign for the addition of two number and (=) sign for the result.

Now lets do some addition practice

8 + 6 = 14

18 + 8 = 26

296 + 104 = 400

6331 + 965 = 7296

Now you should Do the following addition and answer in the comment section below.

Q.1 535 + 366 = ?

Q.2 9316 + 31677 = ?

Q.3 942233 + 632101 = ?

I hope the concept of addition is understandable for you. Now quickly learn the concept of Subtraction

Assume you have 3 balls in your and and you given me a ball.

Remaining balls in your hand = 3 – 1 = 2

Here you got the result by subracting 1 from 3.

Subtraction is represented with the symbol (-)

Addition and Subtraction of Negative Numbers​

Negative number addition and Subtraction  creates confusion and doubts. Still the negative number addition and Subtraction procedure are same as the above. But the rule is different.

Two Negative Numbers

If the question asks you to add two negative numbers then you have to add both the number and then put the negative sign before the answer.

Negative and Positive Numbers

Addition of one negative and one positive number is nothing but subtraction of smaller number from bigger number and put the sign as per the sign of the biger number.

Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers​

You might be thinking  the addition and Subtraction of Decimal numbers are little bit difficult than Natural Number. But its not so difficult. Addition and Subtraction procedure of decimal numbers are same as the procedure of Natural Numbers.

Let us add two number 10.3 with 6.7

Step-1: First write second number below first number.

Step-2: Now add all the numbers after the decimal point then followed by the number before decimal point.

If you get any carry then add it to the next left number.

For the subtraction purpose you need follow the simple subtraction process and if you need any borrow then take it from your left hand side number

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