Most Popular Scientific Inventions and Discoveries in the World

Inventions and Discoveries: Here in this post you will get scientific Inventions and Discoveries list of the world. Along with the country name and year of Innovation.

innovation and discoveries

What is an Invention?

Invention of a product or material means, executing a new idea or plan into work. The thing or work that was never seen or used or created by any person in the world is called Invention.

An Invention means creating or presenting a new idea to the enviournment.

What is Discovery?

The Discovery of a product or idea refers to finding a new idea or thing or product which was existed in this world or universe in hide mode.

The Discovery means acknowledging the existence of a thing or product which already exists.

Here we have discussed some innovations and Discoveries of the world which will help you in your upcoming Railway, SSC, UPSC, Banking and Government Examinations.

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Scientific Inventions and Discoveries in the World

Serial NoInventions or DiscoveriesScientist NameCountryYear of Innovation
01WatchPeter HenleinGermany1485
02ClockChristiaan HuygensGermany1656
03PaperCai LunChina100 BC
04Printing MachineJohannes GutenbergGermany1450
05Thermo MeterGalileo GalileiItaly1593
06Steam EngineThomas SaveryEngland1698
07TelegraphSamuel MorseUSA1844
08TelescopeHans LippersheyGerman-Dutch1608
09Adding MachineBlaise PascalFrance1642
10Bifocal LensBenjamin FranklinUSA1776
11BarometerEvangelista TorricelliItaly1643
12Electric batteryAlessandro VoltaItaly1800
13Atomic TheoryJohn DaltonEngland1803
14Safety LampHumphry DavyEngland1816
15CementJoseph AspdinEngland1824
16Sewing MachinesJosef MaderspergerFrance1830
17DynamoMichael FaradayEngland1831
18ComputerCharles BabbageEngland1834
19GunSamuel ColtUSA1837
20CycleMac MillionScotland1839
21RubberCharles GoodyearUSA1839
22Safety PinWalter HuntUSA1849
23RefrigeratorJ. Harrison and A KotlinUSA1850
24ElevatorElisha OtisUSA1850
25DynamiteAlfred NobelSweden1867
26CarburetorGattalib DaimalarGermany1876
27MicrophoneAlexander Jibel1876
28Electric BulbThomas Alva EdisonUSA1879
29Electric BulbBenjamin Franklin1879
30Electric IronHenry W. SeeleyUSA1882
31Fountain PenWater ManUSA1884
32Motor CycleEdward ButtlerEngland1884
34Motor CarCarl BenzGermany1888
35Bulb Point PenC. BiroHungary1888
36CinemaWilliam Friese-GreeneEnglish1889
37X-RayWilhelm Conrad RoentgenGermany1895
38RadiumMarie Sklodowska-Curie and Pierre CurieFrance1898
39TractorBenjamin HoltUSA1900
40RadioGuglielmo MarconiItaly1901
41FanSchuyler Skaats WheelerUSA1887
42AirplaneWright brothersUSA1902
43Washing MachineAlva J. FisherUSA1910
44ScooterWim Ouboter1817
45TELIVISION (Color Tv)John Logie BairdUSA1927
46ComputerCharles BabbageEngland1833
47TvPhilo Taylor FarnsworthUSA1924
48Blood GroupK. LendersonAustria1900
49PenicillinAlexander FlemingScotland1928
50TelephoneGraham BellScotland1877
51Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper1973


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