Current Affairs: 13 August 2019

Current Affairs 13 August 2019: Exam Guruji provides you the current affairs 13 August. Today’s questions are very important for the upcoming exam point of view.

Current affairs 13 August 209

Current Affairs 13 August 2019

Q.1 Who is the father of the Indian space program?

(A) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

(B) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

(C) Kailasavadivoo Sivan

(D) C. V. Raman

Answer: (A) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

  • Dr. Vikram Sarabhai is the founder of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • He was born on 12 August 1919 at Ahmedabad.
  • His full name is Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai.
  • He founded ISRO on 15 August 1969.

Q.2 When Organ donation day is observed?

(A) 13th August

(B) 12th August

(C) 14th August

(D) 15th August

Answer: (A) 13th August

  • Organ Donation Day aims to motivate normal human beings to donate their organs after their death.
  • This process can save many people’s life.

Q. How much million funding received by India in 2019 in Agritech start-ups as per Emerging Trends reports?


(B) $345

(C) $567

(D) $123

Answer: (A) $248

As per the report of Emerging Trends, India has received $248 million in Agritech start-up.

Q.4 When International Left-handers Day is observed?

(A)13th August

(B) 12th August

(C) 14th August

(D) 15th August

Answer: (A) 13th August

  • International Left-handers Day was first observed in 1976.
  • Dean R. Campbell was the key people of the International Left-hander day.
  • It is observed to enjoy the uniqueness of the left-hander people.

Q.5 Which of the following is going to become the largest Union Territory of India?

(A) Jammu & Kashmir

(B) Puducherry

(C) Delhi

(D) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Answer: (A) Jammu & Kashmir

Q.6  What is the name of the newly launched Scheduled bank?

(A) Aditya Birla Payments Bank

(B) Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd

(C) Paytm Payments Bank

(D) None of Thses

Answer: (B) Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd

  • Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd was established in 2009 as a financial service company.

Note: Reliance Industry launches Jio Fiber, Jio-Microsoft Cloud Partnership and announced $75 Billion Deal With Saudi Aramco. It is one of the highest foreign investment in India.

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Q.7  What is the newly discovered lake in Nepal?

(A) Kajin Sara

(B) Tilicho

(C) Lake Titicaca

(D) Tanganyika

Answer: (A) Kajin Sara

  • Kajin Sara was founded 1 month ago in Manang district of Nepal and Kajin Sara becomes the world’s highest lake where Tilicho Lake of Nepal become the second-highest lake.

Q.7. Who launched the Mukhya Mantri Krishi Ashriwad Yojana?

(A) Venkaiah Naidu

(B) Narendra Modi

(C) Amit Saha

(D) Sambit Patra

Answer: (A) Venkaiah Naidu

Q.8. What is the pension amount provided in PM Kisan Dhan Yojana?

(A) Rs.2000

(B) Rs.3000

(C) Rs.5000

(D) Rs.6000

Answer: (C) Rs.3000

  • Here Rs.3000 will be credited to the pension user after 60 Years old.

Q.9. According to the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, which state has the highest growth rate in 2018-19?

(A) Bihar

(B) Odisha

(C) West Bengal

(D)Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (C) West Bengal (12.58% )

Q.10. External Affairs Minister is on a 3 days visit to which Country.

(A) China

(B) Pakistan

(C) Bhutan

(D) Japan

Answer: (A) China

Q.11. Recently Reliance has made a partnership with which country for investment?

(A) China

(B) Saudi Arabia

(C) Bhutan

(D) Japan

Answer: (B) Saudi Arabia

Q.11. Which telecom industry recently launched the 100 Mbps broadband connectivity?

(A) Bharti Airtel

(B) Reliance JIO

(C) BSNL Broad Band

(D) Vodafone-Idea Telecom

Answer: (B) Reliance JIO


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