Best Way to Introduce Yourself- 10 Effective Points you Must Know

Best way to Introduce Yourself: As we all know that, today introduce yourself is the common fact in our day to day life, such as school, college, seminar, parties, political sector, companies, Government sectors most probably, in job interviews.
best way to introduce yourself

So I discovered a magical style or technique to introduce yourself. Let us discuss  10 effective points to introduce yourself.

Educational Qualification
Buddy Language
Extra-Curricular Activities

Important Points to Introduce Yourself

1. Greeting

When you give self-introduction you always remember to start with a greeting. It affects a very positiveness in your interview Process.
Example: You can say “Good morning, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening” at time-wise.


It is the most formal way of getting yourself, but don’t use “Hi” “Hello”. It is always an informal category, but you can use it in your friend circle these words.

2. Name

And the second part is the Name you must take your name with its surname and always start with this style, for example, you can say that 

  • I am Alok Kumar Sahoo, 
  • This is Alok Kumar Sahoo 
  • My name is Alok Kumar Sahoo 


But don’t use Myself, Alok Kumar Sahoo
This is always an informal way of Introduction. It will add a negative impression to your Interview. Even if don’t use Me, Alok Kumar Sahoo.

3.  Place or Address

After telling your name you have to tell them about your Permanent Address.

Example: I belong to Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Or I am from  Bhubaneswar, Odisha

  • If you are at a  district-level interview you have to use your Village/City followed by the Block/ Tahasil address.
  • If you are at a State level Interview then you have to use your Block followed by District name for your Introduction.
  • If you are in a National level Interview then you have to use your State’s Capital followed by your State name for your Introduction.
  • If you are at an International level Interview you have to use your Country’s Capital followed by your Country’s Name for your Introduction.


While telling your address don’t make your address so long. It will make a bad impression on the Interviewer.
Example: I am from Odasingh Village, Salepur Block, Cuttack District, Odisha State.

4. Educational Qualification

Always, you have to remember that Educational Qualification is the most important point in your Introduction. Firstly, you tell your educational qualification, followed by your College/University name and secured mark on that degree.
If you have completed Graduation then you have to say 
  • “I am a graduate” or 
  • “I have completed my graduation from Salipur Auto. College” or 
  • “I have completed my B.Tech from BPUT University by securing 72% of marks”
If you are continuing your studies then you have to say as follows:
  • “I am continuing my Ph.D. in IIT Kharagpur.”
  • “I am continuing my M.Tech study in Electronics and Telecommunication at KITT College, Bhubaneswar.”
  • “I am pursuing Intermediate +2, Second year Science at Utkal University.”


  • If you don’t have a good score on your Certificate then you don’t need to tell your carrier Percentage. 
  • Always try to tell your educational qualification in descending order.

Introduce yourself Example

5. Extra-Curricular Activities

At this point, you can explain your extra curriculum activities, your extra out knowledge and Internship, etc.
Example: You can say 
  • “I have the knowledge of C, C++, Java, HTML, Python”
  • “I have done 6 months of web designing Internship from XYZ institute.”
  • “I can speak and write ‘English, Hindi, Telugu'”


Don’t provide any fake or wrong information to the interviewer. It will create difficulties. 

6. Family Background

Although your family background is not most important for your introduction, but you can speak some lines about your family. 
You can say a line that:
  • “Apart from my parents, I have one younger sister in my family”
  • “In my family, My father is a Businessman and Mother is a homemaker.”


You always remember if you have a joint family, then don’t tell unnecessarily about them except your parents. It will be a bad habit.

7. Experience

This point also plays a vital role in your Introduction. If you have no experience, then you can say, “I am a fresher”. Otherwise, if you have some experience then you can say as follows:
  • “I have two years of Experience in TCS as Project Manager”
  •  ” I have five years of experience as an Area Manager at TTK Health Care”


It is strictly prohibited that you don’t provide any wrong or fake Experience on your Interview. If you have no any experience certificate.

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8. Like (Hobbies) and Dislike

This point indicates your Personality or what kind of people you are. This will indicate what you like to do or not to do. 
  • I love listening to music and do not like Social Media”
  • ” My hobby is Playing Cricket and Reading, News Paper”


You don’t tell any type of hobby that actually not your hobby. Because the Interviewer’s next question may become from your hobby.

9. Body language

This is the point if you maintain it properly, you can achieve your goal that is your Body Language. Always remember when you face any interview, be confident, and think you are the most intelligent person for this job. Always attend all your interviews with a Formal dress code. Try to comb your hair in proper order. Always keep the proper eye contact with the Interviewer.


Always remember, don’t think what will be the result of your interview. It will make you weak or nervous

10. Ending of Introduction

It is not the matter how was your first part of your introduction. But if you complete your last part of your introduction in the proper way it will help you to get the job easily. So you must use the following particular line:
  • That’s All about me Thank You!


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